The Studio

We are not an agency, not big and also not complicated.
We are a small studio, simple and fast.

We don't talk about New-Work.
We live New-Work and no bullshit.

In five years we have seen a lot, implemented a lot. Success and failure. The development from innovation circus to innovation speedways. Projects that have been implemented in a few weeks instead of years. People who develop their full potential instead of sinking into Excel lists. In established companies and in growing start-ups.

We give you the know-how and the spirit to shape digital innovation sustainably. Together we bring you into the digital age.

Our Principles

01 Doing the work over discussing the work.

At Strive we try something, get some data and come back. We constantly ask ourselves how we can make meetings more effective and reduce the time spent on them in order to increase speed.

02 Progress over perfection.

We do Sprints instead of Big Moves. We learn as we go in order to iterate quickly and adopted a mindset of making every step as small as possible instead of trying to make it right the first time.

03 Consent over consensus.

At strive we constantly improve the speed of decision making. We make decisions “safe to try” and move forward fast. It Works? Great. It's not working? Let's try a different approach and tackle the challenge.

Friends of Strive

We've been in the startup community for years. This has created a network of creative entrepreneurs, technology nerds, product designers and growth marketing experts.